The 5 step method to feeling in financial control of your Estate and Letting Agency

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The Problems with Running a Property Agency

The team and collaborators at Financial Gym have over 40 years of combined experience, in taking care of the needs of owner-managed businesses. We are dedicated to finding the best solution for your agency.

Most business owners struggle with:
- Unpredictable cashflow and profit
- Running their business while feeling constantly stressed
- Lack of time to do things outside of the business

As an estate or letting agent you have additional issues. Because you are in a highly regulated industry, the burden on you to be compliant is tougher than for the average business. 

As well as juggling the day to day balls in your own business, you are also required to be on top of:
- Managing Contractors
- Non-paying tenants
- Demanding Landlords
- Endure long periods of time between marketing and making a sale - it is difficult to bring in quick cash.
- Managing Clients' money and keeping inspection- ready records
- Increased competition from Internet and DIY services

That is to name just a few issues.

Our primary focus is to help you plan, implement and manage the link between your finance, admin and IT systems without you getting bogged down in the details. We make sure information makes sense to you have what you need to improve the other areas of your agency.

How We Help You

Bookkeeping & Accounting

We can manage your bookkeeping and accounting or work with your current accountants. We understand the quirks of Estate & Letting Agency Accounts.

Setting Up Systems

We run a virtual service that means we can now be more responsive. We can help you do the same. Whether you want to make it easier to give tasks to your team,  work more flexibly  so you can work anywhere or reduce the paper you handle.

Support for You-The Owner

Most importantly, what do you the business owner need? Too many owner managers eat, sleep and breathe work. We explore what you need to feel more in control. Then you can enjoy what you do and have peace of mind.

Say Hello

Georgette Rowland Osborne

My Job is make sure you get what you need. I get very involved with my agents and only take on a limited number so they get the best I can offer. More at financialgym/about

Your Accountant?

Even in the same industry, every business owner his or her own unique charateristics and needs. You must be comfortable with our introduction. No one size fits all here.

Valerie Eaton

Valerie has extensive knowledge of admin, design and technical support that small business owners need. She built her own virtual support business helping entrepreneurs build theirs.

What Other's Say

"You have made running the business so much simpler, especially when I know I have someone to attack VAT inspectors!!!

Kemi Laniyan, London Flats Ltd

"One of the best bookkeeping services I have ever worked with. Made my life much easier"

Nigel Reynolds FCA - Tax Specialist

"Thank you for your patience and advice through all the changes this past year"

Hayley Hunt - Hunt Property Services

The 5 Step Formula for Creating Breathing Space

                                      YOUR PAST
Recording Your HISTORY - If you get this part wrong everything else you do will be so much harder. We take a look at your record keeping, tax and compliance and the best ways to keep track of things.

Solving the MYSTERY - We help understand what your financial reports are telling you. The more you understand, the less inadequate you will feel. Plus the better you will become at recognising what is paying you and draining you
                                      YOUR FUTURE
Identifying your LEGACY - Now you can look ahead. Why, and for whom are you doing this? What do you hope to achieve? This information gives your financial and business advisors the firepower needed to really tap into the best tax planning and business growth advice for you.

Creating MASTERY - Identify the bottlenecks, money and time wasting activities that are holding you back. Design a roadmap to eliminate or reduce them. Re- assess the tools, systems, workflow and people needed to support your roadmap. 

Maintaining MASTERY - You stop saying "What am I doing?" and you now say "This is how I do things". This is the stage where you ensure you don't slowly slide back to where you were before. Also understand that nothing stays the same forever. Decide how you monitor performance so you can adapt to changes; planned and unexpected.

Ready to Talk to Me?

As  a virtual service we can look after you anywhere in the UK. I am looking forward to  discussing the options available to solve your issues. Your consultation will be confidential and you are under no obligation to retain any services. Please click the button below to schedule your consultation.